LeadJabber: More than just Cold Email Software

In this post, I’m going to write a little about what LeadJabber is. We’ve gotten some questions about what kind of software LeadJabber is and not least if we are just a new cold email software. 

First and foremost, we’re definitely a cold email software and we’re proud to be 😀

But we’re not just another boring cold email software company. As active users of cold email outreach ourselves, we’ve built and tweaked ( we’re still building and tweaking by the way 😀) the system to really get the most out of the cold email outreach method.

In addition, we have worked hard to ensure that the system is also brilliant for salespeople to take control of their sales processes. After all, a salesperson has to deal with a lot of follow-up, and LeadJabber helps you with that. 

What is Cold Email Software

For those who don’t know what Cold Email software is, I’ll give you an introduction to what it is. If you know what it is, feel free to skip this section 😀

Cold email software is a system that allows you to send emails in volume set in sequences. For example, you can send a sequence of four emails in total over time. If a lead responds, she is automatically removed from the sequence so she does not receive any more emails. 

Cold email software increases the effectiveness of cold email campaigns. An outreach software should have the functionality to create, send, and track personalized cold emails.

In addition, the system should have the ability to create exactly the type of sequences you need and, not least, there should be synergies between sequences. The reason you want synergies between sequences is that different leads are at different stages. The software should definitely allow you to follow up in more phases than the initial contact. 

Many people wonder what the best outreach software is, but there is no simple answer. The most important consideration you need to make is whether the software has the features you need. Is it possible to send in volume and stay safe at the same time?

What should you look for in a cold email tool? 

Let’s start with the basics – what features should a good cold email tool have? The best cold email tools and software platforms share these features:

When it comes to deliverability, a good outreach tool should have full control over the sending of emails. It would be impossible to always reach all recipients’ inboxes, but you can’t end up in a situation where you rarely manage to get through. It should also include email verification to avoid bounces and protect your domain’s reputation, as well as custom-tracking domains.

Personalization is also important. A good tool should have custom fields that allow you to personalize your campaigns at scale, so recipients feel like the emails are tailored to them.

Automation is another key feature. Look for tools that offer automated follow-ups and response detection that stops the sequence when someone responds. A/B testing is also useful to optimize your cold emailing and find out what works best.

Finally, the tool should have integrations with the business tools you regularly use to get the job done, such as Calendly.

How to get more out of Cold Email Outreach with LeadJabber

LeadJabber is an email outreach tool that has the most important features that characterize such a system. However, as users of the system ourselves, we have tailored our tool to work as optimally as possible for this type of methodology. 

Follow-up in all phases of the sales process

Many people who work with email outreach can potentially miss out on opportunities. A typical scenario when doing email outreach is that you find an industry or a number of prospects you think you are likely to do business with. You create a sequence of a given number of steps/emails and send them out. Finally, you wait for responses and only follow up on positive ones. 

There’s nothing wrong with this tactic, it’s the ABC of email outreach and it works well. But as active users of the outreach method ourselves, we found that we were missing something essential by stopping here. Many of the responses you get are somewhere between negative and positive, and you will therefore need to do a different type of follow-up. 

One example is when a person responds that it’s another person in the company you should talk to. Here it makes sense to put this person into a new sequence, but at the same time keep the dialog from the person who gave you the reference. 

Another example is when someone tells you that they’re interested but that you need to get in touch at another time. In this case, the person needs to be put into a “postponed” sequence while retaining the dialog you had. 

Email outreach is just like sales in general; it’s all about follow-up. Even a person who is positive and wants a meeting must be followed up to arrange a meeting in the calendar.

Volume and deliverability

Those who have worked with cold email outreach for a while know that sending in volume can damage both deliverability and domains. Traditional outreach tools have to limit what you can send and algorithmically adjust when and how much can be sent. 

At LeadJabber, we wanted a solution that removed this issue so that our customers and ourselves could send in the volume we needed while being confident that the emails arrived safely. 

We have solved this by using an email gateway instead of SMTP to send emails. 

In short, this means that we can send in exactly the volume we want and at the same time is safe and deliverability is good. 

You can read the post; SMTP vs Gateway for Email Outreach to learn more about the difference.

What are LeadJabber’s plans for the future?

Since we use email outreach ourselves every single day, we are constantly working to improve our tool. We see what we need to improve ourselves, but most importantly, we have a close relationship with our customers and their feedback. 

Specific things we are working on beyond improving the outreach tool and features are:

1. Prospecting

Everyone needs prospects, and although there are some incredibly good prospecting tools out there, we want to launch our own eventually. We’ve been using our own internally for many years, and we’re looking forward to giving our users access. 

2. Inbound sales and marketing

LeadJabber is an automation tool and we are working on some solutions that allow you to automate sales and marketing processes that are inbound via, for example, organic traffic or ads. 

We’ll come back with more information about this when we’re closer to launch.

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