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LeadJabber scales outreach campaigns with unlimited email sending while protecting your domain from damage.

Send automated emails at scale without worry

There are not many who would argue that the outreach method does not work, but there will be many who are annoyed that you do not have the opportunity to send in the volume you need.
With LeadJabber, this is a closed chapter. Our unique solution allows you to send as many emails as you and your team need. There is no need to juggle between different accounts and domains.
Set up as many users as you need at no extra cost, and be sure you can safely send what you need.

Follow-up is the name of the game

Everyone who works in sales knows that sales lie in follow-up. At the same time, they also know that follow-up is both difficult and time-consuming.
LeadJabber employs an outreach methodology that allows for the automation of all follow-ups, not just the initial contact. If a lead responds by requesting a later contact or directs you to another person, or if they want to schedule a meeting, you can also automate those follow-ups.

Our mission

LeadJabber comprises a team of people specializing in sales, marketing, and automation. We started with outreach software to acquire more leads and customers for our business. We quickly discovered that the outreach method was highly effective. Yet, it also revealed significant limitations in the volume of messages that could be sent. In addition, traditional outreach using SMTP carries considerable risks of banning our domain.

The solution was to create our own system, which we used and shaped according to our own use. We still use the system ourselves to this day, but we also have several customers who use the system too. This leads to us getting better and better at the method, and the software gets more robust to make the method outreach.

What Our Customers Think

We are passionate about LeadJabber and outreach as a sales method, but please look at what our customers think of us.

Christian Herrlin

Sales Manager Visma draftit
We cut everything from the marketing budget and went all-in with LeadJabber.

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