In order to be able to calculate a price, we depend on a conversation with you. We need to know more about your company, which products and services you want to sell, what your target customers are and where they are located.

This information gives us a better understanding of how we should proceed and, in that respect, what it will cost.
Book meetings
We book meeting directly to your calendar.
  • Workshop to learn about your company and products, who are your target customers and segments.
  • We create a sales plan
  • We contact and follow up prospects and leads until we can book them in for a meeting. Meetings are added to your calendar
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Lead Generation
We automate the follow-up of incoming leads from, for example, Facebook and Google.
  • Capture leads automatically
  • Know when to follow up or not based on whether the customer has converted or not.
  • Create smart and personal messages over a short period of time and over a long period of time for follow-up that ensures conversions.
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LeadJabber makes your entire sales team more effective. Stop cold calling and have one-to-one conversations at scale.
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