LeadJabber focuses on the Outreach method

LeadJabber's software is created by automation specialists, salespeople, and marketers. Our goal with LeadJabber has been and still is to have a system that works perfectly around the outreach method.

Advanced but easy-to-use sequence builder

Our sequence builder is easy to use but has functionality that considers different needs related to the outreach method.
The builder is designed so that you can make changes both before sending and during the process.

When you set up the sequence as you want, you have a single overview where you decide who is responsible for the campaign and what should happen when actions occur.

Follow-up is the key in sales

Follow-up is essential in sales, so we have created Engager. The Engager is more than just a clear pipeline to keep control. It is also about automating follow-up.
When you contact a lead, there will be different scenarios. Some want to have a meeting now; others want to postpone the meeting until later, and some want you to talk to someone else. By setting up different sequencers for different scenarios, you can quickly, via Engager, put them in the correct follow-up sequence and keep the dialogue.

Book appointments automatically with Calendly

LeadJabber has integrated with Calendly, so you can easily book meetings using your meeting booking sequence.
As soon as a lead wants to meet with you, you can let LeadJabber and Calendly ensure the booking is followed up and scheduled. This feature is a game changer for sellers.

Send as many emails as you need and at the same time be safe

LeadJabber does not use SMTP to send email, but uses a gateway.
We prefer using a gateway for sending emails because it allows us to send large volumes without worrying about the limitations and security risks associated with domain reputation, spam, and delivery issues.

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