SMTP vs Gateway for Email Outreach

There are two primary methods for sending bulk emails: SMTP and Gateway. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the right one is important.

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a standard protocol for sending email messages between servers. It is easy to use and handles regular one-to-one human-to-human email in small volumes well. However, SMTP has limited functionality for handling spam and ensuring deliverability.

Gateway is a service that offers more functionality for bulk email sending. Gateways handle spam filtering, blacklisting, and can optimize delivery. A gateway provides you with reporting and analytics to help you track the performance of your campaigns.

Why use a gateway for email outreach?


  • Better reputation: Gateways have a better reputation with email providers, resulting in fewer emails ending in spam filters.
  • Higher open rates: Emails sent through a gateway often have higher open rates because they are not flagged as spam.
  • Reduced risk of blacklisting: Gateways can help you avoid being blacklisted by email providers, which can prevent you from sending emails to your subscribers at all.


  • Encryption: Gateways use encryption to protect emails and your subscriber data.
  • Authentication: Gateways can use authentication protocols to ensure that emails you send are coming from you and not from a spammer.


Using a gateway instead of SMTP for sending outreach has many benefits, including better deliverability, more functionality, improved security, and ease of use. The last thing you want to spend time on when working with sales is worrying about the security of your domain while also dealing with the hassle of not knowing how much you can send before things go wrong. Our motto at LeadJabber is not about sending extreme volumes just for the sake of it but that you and your team should be able to send what you need without hassle.

It is important to note that shit out = shit in. Whether you use SMTP or Gateway, the content and message must be relevant and good to achieve good results doing outreach. Otherwise, there will be poor results anyway and the risk of ending up in a bad company in terms of spam and similar problems, regardless of using SMTP or Gateway when doing outreach.

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