Cold calling is
not enough

Cold calling was our go-to tool for getting more leads and booking meetings. But over time, both people's habits and technology have changed. Big problem, but luckily there is a solution.
Oddvar Meyer

Hi, my name is Oddvar!

I have worked in sales for over 35 years.

Sales are fun and necessary, but society is changing, not just technology but also how humans behave.

Talking to a sales rep early in the buying process is less critical than when I started in sales in the 80s.

Today, most of the information you need to educate yourself about the product or service you find online.

Most sellers use cold calling to get more leads, but this method has become more complex than it was only a few years back.

More and more people, not only young people, prefer to avoid being called by salespeople. 

One thing is that it is rarely the right time to answer a phone call from a salesperson, but many people prefer to avoid talking to strangers on the phone in general.

A coincidence brought me together with one of the principal founders of LeadJabber back in 2020. In the middle of Covid. 

He heard me talk about the difficulties of getting more leads and booking meetings.

– "Why not try a new method called outreach", he asked me.

At the time, I was so frustrated with the lack of leads and meetings that I sat down and chatted with him. 

After hearing what he had to say and despite my skepticism, my response was;

– "What the hell, let me try this method. What do I have to lose? It can't be worse anyway."

Long story short. Not only did it work exceptionally well. I got so excited about the method that I continued to use it full-time. Cold calling was now wholly off my radar. 

Honestly, I never enjoyed cold calling anyway, so stopping was no loss :).

From 2020 to 2024, I have worked with tenfold companies, helping them get more leads using Leadjabber as a tool.

Not only that but when I got the opportunity, I joined LeadJabber as a staff member.

Can this method work for you, too? 

Request a demo or sign up for a free trial and figure it out yourself.

Ready To Dive In?

Don't just take Oddvar at his word...

Customer testimonial: Elevate Productions

Before using LeadJabber

Elevate Productions AS was a relatively new video production company. Thanks to the company's founder, who had extensive experience in sales, the company acquired its first customers through cold calling. He would call businesses to book meetings, which was very time-consuming and made it difficult to scale the business at the desired pace. During the first 12 months, the company had a turnover of only 15,000 USD.

After using LeadJabber

After implementing sales and outreach software from LeadJabber, Elevate Productions experienced significant growth and improvement in their business processes. 

With the implementation of LeadJabber, Elevate Productions witnessed a meteoric rise. Within a mere six months, the company's turnover skyrocketed to 94,000 USD, firmly establishing its position as a robust and dependable market player. This rapid success was further underscored by Elevate's ability to outbid established competitors and secure framework agreements with major industry players. Their unwavering commitment to excellence has earned them trust and credibility, catapulting them to the forefront of the industry.

Furthermore, Elevate's ambition extends beyond national borders. They have successfully expanded their reach to Sweden and Estonia, demonstrating the international appeal of their product. This dedication to growth positions Elevate for continued success in the years to come.

LeadJabber's software has been a crucial component in Elevate Productions' success, enabling them to grow rapidly and efficiently.

Did you know...

Preferred Method of Contact

8 out of 10 business managers prefer e-mail as their first point of contact over a cold phone call

Sales Efficiency

You can reach far more customers much faster using email than any other channel.

Go to Market

Cold email is a fantastic strategy to go to market. It is fast, efficient and saves you a lot of time.

Valuable Feedback

Get valuable feedback from potential customers, both positive and negative. This can be quickly applied to sales and further development.

Desired Dialogue

By having the customer take part in the process to start dialogue by answering themselves, you get far better anchored meetings.

Your Time is Valuable

Avoid spending time on those who are not in a buying phase right now.

Would you like a demo?

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We know that all companies are different, and we would like to hear more about how your current sales strategy works to recommend suitable solutions.

Go to Market used cold email outreach to reach a targeted audience with whom they wanted to create a dialogue. The point of this strategy was to go to the market quickly, generate awareness and engagement around their brand and product, and at the same time, book meetings with sales reps who held demos.

Several salespeople and meeting bookers did This on a large scale, and the success was immediate. The outreach method is fast and effective and will be perceived as professional if you have severe and genuine content. And, of course, you want to communicate well with potential customers, but who wouldn't?

If you want to read more about how Salesforce did this, you can find the book From Impossible to Inevitable by Aaron Ross, a book we can recommend.

Follow-up is the Key

In any industry, having an effective strategy for following up with both new leads and existing customers is crucial. Neglecting either of these groups can have negative consequences for your company's growth and profitability.

The Importance of Follow-up

As anyone in sales knows, the sale is often made in the follow-up. However, despite this knowledge, follow-up is often one of the most challenging aspects of sales. Why? Because it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of pursuing new opportunities.

LeadJabber: Automated Follow-up for All Stages

LeadJabber solves this problem by making it easy to automate follow-ups, not just in the initial lead contact. Follow-ups can be automated for all stages of the sales process, from initial contact and information sharing to meeting scheduling and post-meeting follow-ups for closing deals.

Beyond New Sales: Nurturing Existing Customers

But follow-up doesn't stop with new sales. It's also key for maintaining relationships with existing customers. After all, they are already customers, and it's always both cheaper and easier to retain them and sell more to them.

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