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Incoming leads via organic traffic or paid advertising on Facebook, Google and other advertising platforms is a perfect start to a new customer relationship, but follow-up is required to really succeed.
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Get more out of The traffic to your Website

Many companies and their employees spend a lot of time and money creating good products and services. These products and services rarely sell themselves and it takes good content, marketing and sales to get traffic to the website.

Regardless of whether it is organic traffic or paid traffic to selected products and services, the truth is that many people lose potential leads and customers because it is not possible to follow up with those who visit the site when they exit the site.

The solution to avoid losing leads and potential customers is to focus on capturing contact information. When you have contact information, the odds of selling your products and services increase considerably.

See some selected processes below to learn more.

Example of process with Lead Ads

Step One

Potential customers see the advert and show their interest by leaving their name, email and telephone number

Step Two

LeadJabber automatically captures leads via integration with Facebook and the ad.

Step Three

LeadJabber integrates with the booking system, signup or online store and knows when it is necessary to follow up or not to follow up.

Step Four

Create smart and personal messages over a short period of time and over a long period of time for follow-up that ensures conversions.

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Example of process with Organic Traffic and Google Ads

Step One

Potential customers see an ad or find your product on Google search.

Step Two

Potential customers land on a landing page whose main purpose is to obtain contact information.

Step Three

If we are successful in capturing contact information, we try to sell the product or service immediately.

Step Four

If we are not successful with the sale then and there, LeadJabber will follow up automatically. Follow-up is stopped automatically when conversion occurs.
LeadJabber makes your entire sales team more effective. Stop cold calling and have one-to-one conversations at scale.
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