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We understand the importance of booking quality meetings and the role it plays in leading a happy and thriving business.

High-quality meetings increase the likelihood of closing new customers

Booking sales meetings using digital tools where the potential customer feels they have a real choice to decline means that the quality of the meetings increases significantly compared to meetings booked with an aggressive phone call or a meeting booker who knows which buttons to press to lure potential customers into a meeting.

There is no value in booking meetings that either do not have a good understanding of what the meeting is about or choose not to turn up.

With us, you can be sure that the meetings and agenda for meetings are well established. Should someone still not show up, we will always book a new meeting.

Nobody has time for bad meetings. We are very aware of this and also know that by delivering quality meetings we get long-term cooperation.

How it works

Step One

First step you specify what you want to sell, which segments you operate in and where your target customers are based.

Step Two

Together we learn about your company and your products. Unique selling points, advantages and disadvantages.

Step Three

We create a sales plan for how we can best communicate your company and product to your target prospects.

Step Four

We contact and follow up prospects and leads until we can book them in for a meeting. Meetings are added to your calendar.

How much does this service cost?

In order to be able to calculate a price, we depend on a conversation with you. We need to know more about your company, which products and services you want to sell, what your target customers are and where they are located.

This information gives us a better understanding of how we should proceed and, in that respect, what it will cost.

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